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Thirteen years ago I made a choice that completely changed my life and today my quest for wellbeing has taking me to California, what I like to call The Mecca of Health. Here I interview a number of experts about the latest wellness trends: everything from superfood hunting to modern shamanic rituals and vegan fashion style.

During my childhood years I didn’t practice any sports and wellness was not really a known concept to me. But I remember eating vegetables from my grandmother garden and camping every weekend with my family. I was a healthy, happy kid!

My family was very much into cooking and quality of the food was very important. In a Communist Romania, where you had to stand in line for hours to get bread and milk, my grandmother was making delicious exotic dishes that I would name brag at school. And the whole family would always gather at her house or go out in nature to eat and enjoy the time together.

Later in university, I started being more aware of what meant to be healthy and I remember having my first body conscious moment when some friends told me I gain some weight. I was surprised because I was not aware of it and my weight was definitely not my focus back then. But I remember feeling very affected by the remark but not really taking any action except hiding in a pair of bigger jeans. 

When I moved from my small hometown to the capital, I started interacting with people that were being active, keeping diets, going to the gym, doing outdoor sports and so on. And this is how I became interested in improving my lifestyle.

But the big moment was after a holiday season of not doing much and literally getting intoxicated by overeating unhealthy food, I made a choice. One that will later change my life. 

It was after I started eating clean, moving my body and becoming more mindful, I started digesting life with gratitude and happiness. I kind of had to touch the bottom to get back to the surface. To reset. 

And that was my rebirth, my personal transformation. That was the best thing that ever happened to me!

 Since then, I've been exploring and discovering a true passion for healthy living, clean food, cooking, Yoga and other healthy habits and today, I am so happy to have transformed this passion into something greater, by becoming a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, creator of healthy living programs and even having my own mobile app. Tools that can actually help people achieve their goals, get real results and transform their lives.

In time, I made it my mission to inspire and help other people to transform their lifestyle. So I like to think I am a Wellness Warrior to myself and my community. 

This constant search for knowledge and inspiration has brought me to California, where I interview a number of experts about the latest wellness trends: everything from superfood hunting to modern shamanic rituals and vegan fashion style.

This documentary is exploring ways to live in a more sustainable, conscious way and it’s following my personal quest to find greater wellth and happiness.

One I can share with the rest of the world.


Here you can find an overview of this documentary:


Episode 1 - DARIN OLIEN, Superfood Hunter and creator of SuperLife

My first stop was to meet Darin Olien, first ever health and wellness expert to be named a “Superfood Hunter.”

Inspired by his travels around the world, he has created an individualized approach to achieving optimal health through small changes and daily habits.

And Darin is the main reason I came to California, to create together a wellness plan that follows his philosophy and lifestyle.


Episode 2 - JOSH KRAMER, Yoga Teacher

After I head to Orange County to meet Josh Kramer, an International Yoga teacher New Zealand, famous for his unique blend of Iyengar and Vinyasa and his amazing Instagramable Yoga poses.

We had such a fun and relaxed conversation about his yoga philosophy and how he is nowadays combining family life with self practice and traveling around the world to teach yoga.


Episode 3 - JULIE PIATT, Artist at

I was fortunate to meet amazing Julie Piatt in her beautifully design house in the Santa Monica mountains.

Julie, aka Srimati is a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author and healer who lives her life immersed in devotion and expansive creativity. 

She shares her spiritual wisdom as an integrative part of wellness, vitality, and realizing the greatest mission ever: the fulfillment of the divine life.


Episode 4 - EMMANUELLE RIENDA, Vegan Fashion Stylist, creator of VFW

Fashion has always been an interest to me, and since I became vegan I struggle with style conscious choices, so I decided to head to DT LA and meet Emmanuelle Rienda, first ever vegan fashion stylist and lean more about what has become much more than a trend.

She has shared how her personal journey led her to adopt a vegan lifestyle and decided to stop promoting the use of leather, wool, exotic skins, feathers. After discovering a new wave of vegan fashion designers, her vision led her to launch the first ever Vegan Fashion Week

Now Emmanuelle is the top vegan fashion expert in the world, as well as a trend setter and expert in the world of design and production.


Episode 5 - TERO ISOKAUPPILA, Founder Four Sigmatic

Having enjoyed Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee for a while now, I was super stoked to meet Tero, the Finnish founder and visionary of the brand and to learn everything about the mushroom kingdom.

Born in the country with the world’s highest coffee consumption, he took a centuries old tradition of brewing mushroom tea to the next level.

His products go everything from coffee to elixirs and edible skincare. Yeah, you heard that right - skin care that not only you could eat, but you should eat! And I did and both my face and tummy thanked me and Tero for it!


Episode 6 - LOUISE OATES, Executive Chef at Little Pine

My passion for vegan food and music led me to Moby, musician, activist and founder of the vegan restaurant, Little Pine. 

Here I met Lou Oates, the Executive Chef of the restaurant. At the age of 23 Lou decided to make a change and realized she could vote with her fork and really make a difference with more compassionate food choices.

What makes this restaurant unique is not only the amazing delicious plant based food, everything from french toast and pancakes to vegan juicy burgers but the fact that they donate 100% of the profits to animal rights organizations.


Episode 7 - DR SARA KOORJEE, Naturopathic Doctor at Whole Life Health MD

While being in California I took the opportunity to do a complete holistic check up of myself and met with the renowned functional doctor, Sara Koorjee, a licensed naturopathic doctor with a particular expertise in women’s health.

Combining tools and wisdom drawn from both eastern and western philosophies, Dr Koorjee main focus is on building the foundations of health, restoring the balance in the body and empowering the connection with your own power to heal. 

So I received an individualized and unique recommendations how to optimize my life, everything from the healing powers of food, herbs, movement, and other therapies.

This experience has been a real eye opener for me and I am so looking forward to share the in depth conversations with all this amazing experts

So follow My Quest for Wellth and hopefully by the end of this journey you will get inspired and motivated to become your own Wellness Warrior.


This documentary was created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Elle Romania.

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