My Quest for Wellth - Episode 4, part one: The future of fashion with Emmanuelle Rienda

Fashion is the second largest polluter of the planet, with one of the longest supply chains, which makes this industry a huge contributor to global warming. Our everyday shopping decisions can have a major impact on animal rights and the environment. So I decided to learn more about sustainable and vegan fashion and met with Emmanuelle Rienda, vegan fashion stylist, animal rights activists and creator of the first Vegan Fashion Week in the world.

First thing when I arrived in LA was to look for sustainable and vegan fashion brands and while searching online about this subject I found out that the first Vegan Fashion Week in the world was launched in Los Angeles, on February this year. As a tribute to animals, the event was produced and curated by creative director and animal rights advocate, Emmanuelle Rienda. The event was an experience where fashion meets activism with a deeply conscious twist.

So I reached out to Emmanuelle to learn more about what is becoming the future of fashion.

We decided to meet in Downtown LA at one of her favorite sustainable fashion shops, Galerie LA where she shared with me how her personal journey led her to adopt a vegan lifestyle and decided to stop promoting the use of leather, wool, exotic skins, feathers. After discovering a new wave of vegan fashion designers, her vision led her to launch the first ever Vegan Fashion Week. This globally acclaimed event is a real milestone in the fashion industry and its success has made Emmanuelle the top vegan fashion expert in the world, as well as a trend setter and expert in the world of experiential design and production.

She was featured globally in Vogue, WWD, The Business of Fashion, The New York Times, The Times, Vanity Fair, VegNews, L’Officiel, Refinery 29, Dazed, Forbes and many more, so I was was really happy to have the chance to meet Emmanuelle and to learn from her valuable information about the future of fashion.

I hope you will enjoy our conversation and will inspire you to make more sustainable and conscious style choices.


This documentary was created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Elle Romania.

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