My Quest for Wellth - Episode 4, part two: The future of fashion with Emmanuelle Rienda

Emmanuelle believes veganism is the new social justice movement of the century. A genuine response to the global issues our planet is facing and she is educating her audience about speciesism, animal rights, social justice, circularity & intersectionality. Emmanuelle wants to ignite conversations and debates within the industry by educating, elevating and drawing connections between our most important values: our respect for human life, animal rights and the environment.

In 2016, Emmanuelle started feeling disconnected with her fashion career decisions and stopped working and promoting the use of leather, wool, exotic skins, feathers and fur. She made a very courageous choice and closed down her showroom and purged her wardrobe of all animal materials.

After this she started discovering a new wave of vegan fashion & textile designers and her vision led her to launch The Future of Fashion conference series, bringing together forward-thinking leaders and advocates of sustainable fashion to discuss smart, ethical and cutting edge alternatives. The concept received the support of Fashion Revolution, PETA, and the attention of Kanye West, Calvin Klein, Disney and Lucky Brand among experts in the industry. The conference was sold out and this strong and positive experience motivated Emmanuelle to launch the first ever Vegan Fashion Week, an event designed to empower conscious brands and humans globally with an elevated platform for achievement, inspiration, and discovery.

This discussion has inspired me so much to make better sustainable and conscious fashion choices and I hope it will help you too.



This documentary was created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Elle Romania.

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