My Quest for Wellth - Episode 7: Building the Foundation of Health with Dr. Sara Koorjee

While being in California I took the opportunity to do a complete holistic check up and met with the renowned Dr. Sara Koorjee, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a particular expertise in women’s health.

I met Dr. Sara Koorjee at the recommendation of my good friend and health expert Darin Olien, founder of SuperLife.

Combining tools and wisdom drawn from both eastern and western philosophies, Dr. Sara Koorjee’s main focus is building the foundations of health, restoring the balance in the body and empowering the connection with your own power to heal.

Dr. Sara Koorjee is part of the amazing team from The Center for Whole Health, an Integrative and Functional Medicine practice founded by Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, a nationally recognized family medicine doctor with a Functional and Integrative Medical practice in Los Angeles, who trained and served on faculty at the UCLA Malibu Clinic and Santa Monica Hospital until 2013.

The center’s mission is to redefine the standard of modern medicine to meet the ever changing healthcare needs of the community and the world.

“The primary foundation of my work as an integrative functional medicine physician is to start with the gut. What we put in our bodies and our minds has a great impact on our health.“ says Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, MD

So I had to understand more, what is Naturopathic Medicine and what makes it different from the traditional medicine?

“Naturopathic Doctors use the most up to date diagnostic measures such as in-depth laboratory testing and imaging for understanding disease along with Eastern philosophies of understanding the individual’s constitution and how that person has come to this place in their health.” explains Dr. Koorjee.

Naturopathic Medicine is focused on identifying the underlying causes of disease and imbalances in each individual person instead of hiding symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

“The body has an amazing innate ability to heal itself when provided the right conditions”

In her practice, Dr. Koorjee works with patients to understand their own imbalances and how to stimulate their bodies ability to heal. The modalities used are botanical medicine, nutrition, movement, breath work, nutraceuticals, Intravenous therapies, homeopathy and physical medicine. 

“My favorite aspect of practicing Naturopathic medicine is that I have the opportunity to blend the best of conventional western medicine and all that the ancient medical sciences such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medicine have to offer. I get to spend time with my patients as my initial visit is 90 minutes to truly understand what may be causing their symptoms.”

I had an amazing experience meeting Dr. Sara Koorjee and learning so much about my body and my health. I received individualized and unique recommendations from her on how to optimize my life, everything from the healing powers of food, herbs, movement, and other therapies, that I put together in this video.

I do hope our conversation will inspire you to integrate more of these practices and rituals, so you can re-establish the healthy balance in your life.

This documentary was created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Elle Romania.

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