My Quest for Wellth - Episode 3, part one: Expand your awareness with Julie Piatt

One of the most powerful and vibrating experience I had in California, was meeting amazing Julie Piatt in her beautifully design house in the Santa Monica mountains.

Julie, aka Srimati is a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author and healer who lives her life immersed in devotion and expansive creativity.

And I was fortunate enough to share this amazing energy with her.

I have first heard of Julie from listening to her husband’s top ranking health and wellness podcast, the Rich Roll Podcast, where she is frequent guest. Here Julie shares her spiritual wisdom as an integral part of wellness, vitality, and realizing your greatest mission: the fulfillment of your divine life.

Julie has a real passion and talent for plant based cooking and has created over 300 plantbased recipes featured in a series of best selling cookbooks. My all time favorite is the paradigm shifting plantbased cheese bible, “This Cheese Is Nuts!” and the internationally acclaimed, The Plantpower Way: Italia”, (2018) & “The Plantpower Way” (2015) both coauthored with her endurance athlete husband, Rich Roll.

Julie also shares deep wisdom about the spiritual aspects of what it means to live life divine on her own internationally acclaimed podcast, “For The Life of Me’ ( formerly Divine Throughline).

And now at 56 rotations around the sun and after so many years of spiritual seeking and studying methods and pathways, she has created Water Tiger, a community where she shares her deepest experiences, tools and techniques in a clean safe communal and like minded environment.

We had a beautiful conversation that I hope will inspire and guide you to embrace your own life experiences with a divine perspective and unconditional love

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