My Quest for Wellth - Episode 3, part three: Expand your awareness with Julie Piatt

“ If you feel like you don’t fit in, it may be because you came here to create something that has never existed before”, Julie’s favorite quote by Ken Carey.

In this episode, Julie is sharing the process of staying true to yourself and the challenges one can encounter in the path of finding your true self.

As a modern mystic, mother of four, wife to three, nourisher of souls, teacher and healer to a tribe, and above all a devoted artist of song, food, paint and sculpture, Julie has definitely managed to create something new, something that has never existed before.

She also shares deep wisdoms about the creation and exploration of her podcast “For The Life of Me” and her new upcoming book, a guide to any truth seeking individual living in the modern world. Free from tips and life hacks, “For The Life Of Me": Journeys Of A Modern Mystic Mother” will be a living example of a meaningful life, one with no purpose other than soul evolution and expansion.

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This documentary was created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Elle Romania.

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